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Just North of Bloor Street there lies a street named Dupont, and it’s main artery Toronto’s next ‘it’ neighbourhood.
In a city like Toronto there are always one or two new “up-and-coming” neighbourhoods to speak of, some with more potential than others, the Dupont Strip is one dripping with potential.

In 2016 the neighbourhood saw a surge of artists, bohemians, and independent retail shops, showing up on every corner. It wasn’t long before you could find yourself on Dupont St, getting your bike fixed, shopping for vintage furniture and even picking up freshly harvested honey from the urban beekeeper.

The growth of Dupont didn’t stop or even slow down…

The current Dupont Strip is very reminiscent of King Street West circa 2010. There is some serious stuff happening, with over 10 new developments are in various stages of planning or construction, trendy businesses are popping up and much like the growth we saw along King West, most people can’t imagine the magnitude of growth that the Dupont Strip will see over the next five to ten years.

Among the 10 new developments are some very quality new homes, most of which are being designed specifically with end-users in mind. These Buildings include Litho at 9 storeys and 210 units, Bianca at 9 storeys and 216 units, ANX at 13 storeys and 84 units, and 500 Dupont also at 9 storeys with 145 units. These spaces are not only luxurious but spacious with the average 1 bedroom suite sized around 1,000 SF, meaning they are likely going to be paired with a significant price tag.

It’s currently estimated that about 13,000 new residential units are in the pipeline for development along the Dupont Strip, including those in development at Galleria on the Park, a mixed-use mega-project at Dufferin and Dupont.

It’s very much worth talking abouot Galleria on the Park, a $1-billion investment into a 20-acre mixed-use community being developed by Freed Developments and ELAD Canada. This massive new development will feature just under 3000 new residential units spread throughout eight towers, eight acres of new parkland, 300,000 SF of new retail space and a state-of-the-art 95,000 SF community centre.

The Toronto Green Line is also worth a mention if we’re talking about the Dupont Strip. A unique concept proposed would see a 5km stretch of land, home only to Hydro One power lines, becomes a series of connected city parks!

As Toronto grows our neighbourhoods grow, mature, and most importantly they appreciate in value! The Dupont neighbourhood has everything going for it, and we can’t wait to see it in five years when all these projects are complete.