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There are two kinds of people. Loft people, and non-loft-people. If you find yourself amongst the latter then you can probably click over to another article, because in this article we’re looking at six of Toronto’s sexiest lofts – all of which you can buy right now!


1. 245 Perth Ave.

This two storey hard-conversion in Arch Lofts for $829,900. 

2. 68 Broadview Ave

This beautiful 1 bedroom + 1 bath loft on Broadview 

3. 1173 Dundas St E.

This great two storey, 2 bedroom + 2 bath loft space on Dundas East. 

4. 43 Hanna Ave.

This 2 bedroom + 1 bath loft, complete with library in the Toy Factory building. 

5. 468 Wellington St W.

AND, this 5000+ SF totally unbelievable hard-loft conversion on Wellington St. 

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