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It’s incredible how fast Toronto moves, and the future of Toronto’s downtown is getting more and more exciting with new opportunities and growth in our tech sector almost everyday.

The University of Toronto has just unveiled plans for the Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre named after the philanthropist couple and their $100 million donation that’s making the centre possible.

A massive new hub for cutting edge research and development for artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies, the building is designed by New York architecture firm Weiss/Manfredi and will definitely make an impact on the neighbourhood.

As I mentioned, it’s massive. The facility, in total tops out at a jaw-dropping 750,000 SF.

“This new complex will contribute enormously to innovation at U of T,”AI pioneer and U of T Professor Emeritus Geoffrey Hinton said in a release from the school on Monday.

This news is as great for Toronto’s real estate market as it is the tech sector. Where the technology goes so do the jobs and people follow.

On the world stage Toronto is more and more noted as being a leader in Artificial Intelligence, that’s something to get excited about as it means a whole new industry of people have more incentives to move to Toronto!

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