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When you live in a big city like Toronto park-space is hard to come by. Meanwhile, in Toronto, the City has released its Implementation Plan and Summary Report for Toronto’s Green Line, a 5km stretch of connected park space running across Midtown Toronto.

The project is designed to maximize the use of what is currently undeveloped land along Toronto’s main power line artery. The five-kilometer stretch of land spans between Caledonia Park Road and Davenport Road, running along just North of Dupont St is home to active Hydro One power lines.

While that may sound a little cringy at first – currently some of the lands in the proposed development are already in-use as beautiful park spaces that are highly used by their communities, a fact that inspired the project in the first place.
The project will not only bring together the West Midtown neighbourhoods and communities but provide Toronto with a huge helping of dedicated greenspace downtown. 

The five-kilometer stretch of parklands will include permanent public art installations along the way as well as a dedicated bike path. The Green Line will also add another means of connectivity between Toronto and the new developments reshaping the Dupont Strip, the most notable of which is Galleria on the Park

No definitive timeline for the Green Line project was indicated in the report.