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We know Toronto and we know how to manage your investments here.

At Condo Savvy we’re investment machines because we have to be. We keep a close eye on the market; a close eye on trends and we’re confident in making the right decisions to optimize your return on your investment properties.

Navigating the Toronto Market

There are many factors that can influence your real estate investment, and while it’s still one of the safest and strongest investment choices out there, it’s probably the most complicated when it comes to buying or selling your investment.

We know Toronto and we know what’s around the corner. This helps us make choices for your investment that mitigate risk and even recommend value positive improvements to the property in tune with the current direction of the city, its inhabitants and its culture.

Why CondoSavvy.ca?

We’re in a great position to manage diverse portfolios and grow the diversity of any existing portfolio. This is because we work so heavily in new construction. This means we do our research regularly with special attention given to a diverse and ever changing list of Toronto neighbourhoods, as new construction is happening everywhere. With projects popping up all over the city we look at the property and developer first and foremost, but it’s also important to focus on how the area is growing / will grow and what that means for your investment over time.

This also puts us in a unique position to evaluate new developments and make portfolio diversification recommendations, with an in to get the best possible value in the shortest amount of time.

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“I continue to be impressed by [Milan's] professionalism, knowledge of the market and trends and her enthusiasm for her craft. Her reputation and proven track record continues to show and reaffirms that I am placing my trust with a solid agent that truly has my best interest at heart.”


– Stephanie G.

“Milan did a great job easing any concerns I had when it was time to stage and sell my first condo. The market was slightly unpredictable at the time and she made a good call... At the end, we sold my condo way above market value and our targeted goal. ”


– Lisa A.

“Milan is well informed and easy to speak with! An absolute pleasure!”


– Benjamin G.

“[Milan] was able to find me exactly what I wanted, within my budget and in the perfect neighbourhood... Throughout the whole process, Milan always put my needs first, and was always willing to walk me through an unfamiliar situation. I can’t recommend her enough.”


– Michael Using, End User

“I can’t say enough about Milan’s professionalism, knowledge of the downtown Toronto market and true caring nature. Milan put an exceptional amount of effort into even the smallest details and supported us through the sale of our condo – which with her expertise and guidance sold in a few days at new building record.”


– Chelsea B, Seller

“The service Milan provided was one which far exceeded my expectations. My wife and I were embraced by a professional and knowledgeable individual, who demonstrated fresh and creative thinking and insight... Milan will ensure that you get into the right property for you. "

– Steve Michael, Investor

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