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FROM THE $300’s


Located at 2201 Kingston Road is an 11 – storey boutique condominium development by LCH Developments.

At the corner of Kingston and Danforth in Cliffside, Merge was made for all walks of life. It’s that sweet spot east of the city where tranquil oasis meets urban living.

Project Overview

Developer: LCH Developments
Address: 2201 Kingston Road, Toronto
Pricing: From the $300’s
Storeys: 11
Number of Units: 182
Sizes: 500 to 1400 square feet

Frequently Asked Questions about Merge Condos

How do I reserve a unit in this project?

Step one is to make sure you are registered as a Savvy Investor VIP.  As soon as the project officially launches, we’ll be in touch with an email that will have everything you need from the floorplans to the price list.

Once you’ve had an opportunity to review the project and plans,  call/text/email us ASAP so we can submit a worksheet on your behalf. Time is of the essence as worksheets are generally time-stamped as they are submitted.

Once we have your unit in hand, we will walk you through signing, cheques, document review, mortgage approvals and all the other steps to get you closer to your new home or investment!

What does Platinum Access mean?

Platinum agents are top-selling Pre-Construction specialists who get preferred status with developers and early access to new projects before regular agents or the public.

This is a huge advantage to the buyer as you are getting the best selection for the lowest price as well as exclusive Platinum incentives and deposit structures. By the time a project gets to a public launch, the price has generally gone up several times and units are heavily picked over.

CondoSavvy's long-standing builder relationships allow you to buy first and for less. Best of all, our services are absolutely FREE to our buyers.

How does it benefit me as a buyer to work with CondoSavvy?

Not only does CondoSavvy get you front of the line access to Toronto's hottest launches, we have got your back all the way through!

We provide complimentary legal review of your contract, expert plan review, free mortgage approvals, design/upgrade consultation, PDI assistance as well as ongoing rental/resale services and portfolio strategy once your condo is complete!

CondoSavvy works with a network of lenders, lawyers, property managers, stagers, contractors and HST rebate services to make sure you are always in good hands. 



What is the "cooling-off" period for?

Once you receive an executed copy of your contract,  you will have 10 calendar days before your purchase goes "firm" and your first cheque is cashed. This is known as the cooling-off period.  This period is typically used to have a lawyer look over your agreement and to get a pre-approval letter for your mortgage.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

We always recommend having your contract reviewed by an experienced Real Estate lawyer during your 10-day cooling-off period to ensure there are no surprises at closing.

We work with a number of excellent lawyers who specialize in pre-construction contracts and contract review is complementary to our purchasers.

Do I need mortgage pre-approval to buy?

Almost all builders will require you to provide them with a mortgage preapproval in order to purchase although in some cases a "comfort letter" will be accepted in lieu.

These are generally due within the first 60 days of signing and are used to ensure the viability of a purchaser to the builder's bank for construction financing.

CondoSavvy works with a number of banks and mortgage brokers that can help you with preapprovals as well as getting you financing to close.

Does the price include HST?

If you’re purchasing for yourself and plan to move in, then yes, prices generally include the HST.

As an investor, you will have to pay back the HST subsidy at close but most or all of this cost will be reimbursed within a few weeks with a signed lease.

What are the closing costs on my new condo?

Closing costs on a pre-construction condo varies greatly depending on the actual purchase price of the unit, the builder and even the city you’re buying in.

Roughly speaking in Toronto you can expect to pay approximately an additional 3-5% of the purchase price in closing costs when purchasing a brand new condo.

Are there any ‘hidden’ costs when buying a pre-construction condo?

There are no hidden fees when buying a pre-construction condo. All fees must be disclosed in the agreement of purchase and sale and any unknown levies should be capped.

All purchases have 10 days to review the agreement and have a lawyer advise them on the exact closing cost amounts. 

Is it possible to assign my new condo?

Most builders do allow you to sell your unit before the building is complete assuming certain conditions are met. This process is called selling by “assignment”. There is usually an assignment fee and a legal fee associated with this kind of sale. Costs can range from $1000 - $7000, depending on the situation. 

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