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Meet Sammy!

Save Our Scruff

SAMMY is a 1 year old  male Collie mix. This guy is definitely still getting his bearings and prefers quieter areas of the city without so many loud noises. Streetcars, car horns, construction, oh my! He does love walks though so with the continued exposure we think he’ll become more comfortable. We’ve started socialization training while in foster care and Sammy has benefited immensely from it. He was initially quite leash reactive and would bark or pull towards other dogs. He has come a long way and rarely barks or pulls anymore; Sammy requires a home that will continue to work on training so he can continue with his progress. He listens well on leash though when comfortable with his human(s) and takes correction well. Sammy is nervous and does not like meeting new people. His new family will have to be prepared for an adjustment period, be respectful of his space and boundaries and built his trust slowly. He is very affectionate with his people once he builds trust and is generally chill in the home. Reminder though that affection(when socially motivated) should be given as praise to an insecure dog, rather than ‘whenever we feel like it’ so that they can better understand who is the alpha in the home.  He requires an experienced owner who will help him build trust with humans and continue his socialization.