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When developers get approved for and announce a new building they reach out to a select number of brokerages first. We’re one of those brokerages. This process is set in place because developers need to sell a certain number of units before they can start to build. More often than not this means they offer a very limited amount of some very considerable incentives. This of course differs project to project: that’s why we recommend signing up for full insider access below. This means you’ll never miss out on one of our projects or our VIP access and incentives. It’s that easy. If you’re ready to invest you’re a VIP.


Why CondoSavvy.ca?

Our VIP broker Milan Swanston stays informed on Toronto’s developments and developers and hand picks the best investment opportunities by Toronto’s best builders. Selections are based on a number of factors and in each case we’ll try and make it as clear as possible why we think any of our Savvy Select projects are a particularly good investment, and why we think you’ll want to jump on them.

Further than just telling you about Toronto’s best investment properties we’ll also give you some insights along the way for what you can expect if you’re considering buying pre-construction; as well as some insights as to what makes a good pre-construction investment.

Should I Invest in New Construction?

There are many factors to consider when you’re buying a property of any kind and pre-construction isn’t for everybody in every situation. However it does have some considerable investment benefits, especially if you can get in extra early. We take care of that. Let’s look at a few of the benefits of Pre-Construction and why we think it’s a great investment idea.

It’s generally a lower risk than traditional investments.

It’s been said time and time again “Invest in real estate, it’s safe” – and truth be told it is. We’ve seen consistent market growth in Toronto for many years, further to that the city itself continues to grow. It doesn’t rely too heavily on any one industry and its technology innovation is some of the leading in the world. Real Estate is a finite and tangible thing that ultimately people need in order to grow.

It’s a passive investment

The fact is that there is very little involvement compared to other investments. With your initial investment – usually 5% – and minimal involvement over the next few years, investing in pre-construction is really the most passive kind of real estate investment you can make.


In the landscape of new construction you’re putting less money down over a longer period of time. This means you’ll have the leverage and resources to reinvest and even outperform the market.


Toronto is an amazing city with a multicultural population, world-class education and a diverse industry portfolio. People will always want to live here.

Working with Condo Savvy gives you unique access to Toronto’s best new developments and best units at prices below the regular market rate. You gain equity straight away and build it passively during the build. You can then rent that unit at a premium. Also, with that great unit floor plan you secured early on, when you decide it’s time resell, it’ll be a breeze.




“I continue to be impressed by [Milan's] professionalism, knowledge of the market and trends and her enthusiasm for her craft. Her reputation and proven track record continues to show and reaffirms that I am placing my trust with a solid agent that truly has my best interest at heart.”


– Stephanie G.

“Milan did a great job easing any concerns I had when it was time to stage and sell my first condo. The market was slightly unpredictable at the time and she made a good call... At the end, we sold my condo way above market value and our targeted goal. ”


– Lisa A.

“Milan is well informed and easy to speak with! An absolute pleasure!”


– Benjamin G.

“[Milan] was able to find me exactly what I wanted, within my budget and in the perfect neighbourhood... Throughout the whole process, Milan always put my needs first, and was always willing to walk me through an unfamiliar situation. I can’t recommend her enough.”


– Michael Using, End User

“I can’t say enough about Milan’s professionalism, knowledge of the downtown Toronto market and true caring nature. Milan put an exceptional amount of effort into even the smallest details and supported us through the sale of our condo – which with her expertise and guidance sold in a few days at new building record.”


– Chelsea B, Seller

“The service Milan provided was one which far exceeded my expectations. My wife and I were embraced by a professional and knowledgeable individual, who demonstrated fresh and creative thinking and insight... Milan will ensure that you get into the right property for you. "

– Steve Michael, Investor

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