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We’ve been spending a lot of time in Toronto’s Junction and Stockyards neighbourhoods this month as we’ve been working on the release of Reunion Crossing and we’ve got to say it is a pretty great little area to call home! The Junction has been a new favourite neighbourhood of ours for a while now and since we’re spending so much time here lately we’d share some highlights of this great Toronto neighbourhood. Here are our top five reasons to move to Toronto’s Junction / Stockyards neighbourhood(s).

1. Eats

Toronto’s Junction has some great spots to eat. The most notable on the strip is the Indie Ale House, a microbrewery offering a delicious gastro-pub style menu, and often this gets mistaken as ‘the only place to go for great food’ – couldn’t be further from the truth. The Junction neighbourhood has some eats of everyone. From vegan delights to a full-on steak dinner. If you’re in the area check out Vesuvio Pizzeria, Dirty Food and When the Pig Comes Home – to start!

2. Drinks

Again, the common misconception is there is only a handful of places to go in the Junction neighbourhood. Not so, again! The obvious one being The Hole in The Wall – A classic Junction neighbourhood bar – totally worth checking out by the way, if you haven’t ever been there; and again, the Indie Ale House. Good options, but you could also check out Famous Last Words, a book themed cocktail bar or The Gaslight, a neighbourhood favourite near Sterling Road.

3. Coffee

Sweet sweet coffee. We’re all obsessed with it and some spots in Toronto’s Junction have nailed it – so much so it gets its own category! There’s loads of wonderful cafes around the neighbourhood including Good Neighbour, Full Stop, Crema Coffee and Cool Hand of a Girl – an awesome little spot for an organic brew.

4. Outdoors

Toronto’s Junction is just north of Toronto’s High Park, Toronto’s largest public park space. It’s also right next to the West Toronto Rail Path, making the neighbourhood a weekend cyclists dream. Getting outside is good for you!

5. Shopping

The Junction neighbourhood is home to some of Toronto’s coolest stores. First and foremost everything you could consider a necessity is nearby – from the local Shoppers, to the Home Depot to the LCBO – you’ve got the best of downtown and the best of the big-box retailers right at your fingertips. The best part is the really cool stores though. The antique and retro home-interior stores. There is absolutely some of the most unique shopping for home decor in the Junction neighbourhood. 

The Junction / Stockyards neighbourhoods are bursting with original personality. They are the perfect ares for first-time buyers as the prices are a little bit lower; an especially great neighbourhood if you’re new to life downtown as the pace of life is just a little less urgent. The neighbourhoods are full of places to go, coffees to drink and delicious things to eat. Life in the Junction is a pleasure.

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